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close up of green leaf showing the vein


to heal is to meditate│療癒就是靜心





Allpamama隨著時日成長,順應時代脈搏開展不同的藝術項目,連結大眾。如靜觀劇場系列、梧桐靜舍 Samana、〈我地平安 Bless This Land 2021〉線上展覽、電影《黑天幻日》和2022年起動的 sounditation 靜音模式。從靜心出發,透過不同媒體呈現化繁為簡的生活美學,觀者觀看作品同時觀照自己。






The word “Allpamama” is originated from pre-Inca cultures language Quechua, meaning the “Mother Earth”. The Incas believe the original culture (including language) has special energy which can make the world a better one.


All matter is made of vibration. Universe are vibrating body and each organ has a specific frequency (energy). External environmental changes and changes in mood affect the original frequency of  body, like musical instrument out of tune, adjust the frequency of the body, can resolve the unbalance state regain health.

Allpamama Healing Circle was enlightened by Andes Shaman in Peru. We conduct workshops with emphiasis on technique, theory and meditation.


Just for today, let us embrace the Mother Earth, return to the nature and connect to the cosmic energy. 

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