Tsang, who runs the Allpamama Healing Circle in Lam Tsuen and goes by the spiritual name Sol Manzana, has been dowsing for 20 years. He insists that dowsing is "a positive way to connect with your soul and nature". The practice, he says, helps improve your intuition and check your body's energy flow.


Dowsing has a long history. Its roots can be traced back to Africa some 6,000 to 8,000 years ago. People have used a forked twig, a pendulum, or a wire rod to locate ground water, buried minerals and high-energy points. They say the dowsing rod could even tell them how deep to dig.


…Anyone can start dowsing with "a screw, bell or key", Tsang says. For best results, your mind should be at peace and without bias. He says stress, doubt, and lack of sleep could affect a dowser's accuracy…



-A Hong Kong practitioner says

the art of dowsing is no mere make-believe

Young Post, South china Morning Post, 10 / 1 / 2013


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