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Chakana(印加十字)是印加古文明一個重要圖騰,內藏無限宇宙觀。它蘊含四方位(東、南、西、北)、四元素(地、水、火、風)、三界(天、地、冥界)、三種靈獸(老鷹、豹、蛇)、陰陽、代表著印加聖地庫斯科、也與星座緊扣(南十字座),是一道連繫肉身與靈魂層的橋樑。Chakana Fabric 在香港設計和製作,選用單純的棉麻物料和簡約設計,提供各種適合修行、配合靈性工具的產品。推廣並實踐印加原始文明的三大價值:


Munay 愛          Yachay 智慧/意識          Llankay 工作/行動




Chakana (Inca Cross) is the ancient Inca civilization and an important totem, containing an infinite universe. Chakana contains four directions (east, south, west and north), the four elements (earth, water, fire, wind), the three realms (heaven, earth and the underworld), three animals (condor, puma, snake), yin and yang, the Inca shrine Cuzco, also closely related with the Southern Cross Constellation. It is a bridge linking the body and soul. All producs of Chakana Fabric are made-in Hong Kong, uses pure cotton and linen materials with minimalist design, aims to produce products that suitable for spiritual practice, to promote and practise the  three original value of Inca civilization:


Munay (Love)          Yachay (wisdom / awareness)          Llankay (work / action)


The Incas believe that when we love, wisdom will arise, and then make the appropriate action.


Solfeggio Tuning Forks Pouch

Size: 33(w) x 21(h) cm

Material: Pure Cotton/Linen (double-layered)

Color: White & Beige



Om Tuner Pouch

Size: 9(w) x 27(h) cm

Material: Pure Cotton/Linen (double-layered)

Color: White & Beige



Angel Tuners Pouch

Size: 21(w) x 11(h) cm

Material: Pure Cotton/Linen (double-layered)

Color: White & Beige




Multifuntion Singing Bowl Cloth

Size: 68(w) x 68(h) cm

Material: Pure Cotton/Linen

Color: Beige & Black